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Photo Booth Hire

Photobooth in Melbourne And Surrounding Areas

  Are you someone hosting an event and looking for a guest souvenir that is cheap and memorable? Or you just wanted to add fun to your party. Do you want to brighten up a dull corporate party on Christmas season or any other function? Or do you want to make your wedding day extra special? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then hire a photobooth. Photo booth is a must at your next event – no matter what kind. They encourage guests to actively engage with your event, they give them something to take home.
We, Oz Photo Booths, are a photo booth business that prides itself by providing professional and great quality photo booth service.
We have different booths that will suits your event. We have different packages to suit your budget as well. We take pride in our service!

Our range of photobooths will add colour to any event, big or small. From the Retro Booth, easy to use and simple photo booth, to the Mirror Me Booth, a specialized interactive booth for corporate and wedding events. All provide a fantastic snapshot of your guest which will make them remember every special moment.

With unlimited prints, fun props, custom print out design, the possibility is endless. And because we operate across Melbourne, from Dandenong to Geelong, you can make sure that our service will get to you. But why do we really need a photobooth? A good explanation is that when we celebrate a special occasion, we are essentially placing a mental bookmark on an experience. These experience makes it easier to remember in the future. The photos, videos and other forms of memorabilia from those occasions serve as triggers that we can use to re-live those pleasant experiences in the future. We celebrate many different events like birthdays, weddings, engagements, corporate events, christening, graduation because we want to bring people together. It is the right opportunity to bond with our families and friends. We get a chance to connect with those we love and care about on a deeper and more profound level. It creates a sense of importance and purpose to our lives. It instills a sense of reverence and appreciation for the gift of life and connects us to a more powerful force. We want to create lasting fond memories because the human mind tends to recall memories that carry a high emotional charge to them. Celebrations can be incredibly fun and provides us with the perfect opportunity to engage in the joys of life such dance, song, food, play and laughter. We take our place in the circle of life. We are essentially connecting with our humanity and the commonality that we share with all those who have been long gone before us.


You deserve something special on your special day and Mirror Booth will surely bring that unique experience for you and your guests. The Mirror booth is a full length mirror with studio quality camera, lighting and touch screen interface. There are lots of Mirror Booth for hire but without a doubt we are specialists in bringing you the whole experience and will surely put your event to the next level.


Trendy booth is an original Red Robot Industries design. It is incredibly light weight package and we can do events without worrying venues with stairs. It is the perfect addition for your next event. We use high quality studio camera and lighting which makes the image quality impressive. Photos are printed instantly, you will surely come back for more!


Imagine all your guests looking flawless after our system applies a proprietary skin softening filter. Glam Effect's instant post processing does just enough to smooth out those unsightly wrinkles and blemishes while keeping a natural look. Now everyone can look like a celebrity!


Our retro booth is an open booth, vintage style, slim-line build, classic wood with the latest imaging technology.  It is the perfect addition for your next event.


We’re looking forward to hearing more about your event plans.

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